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A Butterfly Tribute can be set up in memory of a loved one to benefit Helen & Douglas House. They are a wonderful way of supporting the charity and ensuring that the memory of your child, family member or friend lives on after they have gone.

Why we need your help

Why we need your help
It costs over £5 million a year to run the two hospice houses and we are dependent on voluntary contributions for over 80% of this. This means we rely almost entirely on the generosity of people in the community to be able to provide sustainable, specialist care for the children and young adults who visit us and support for their families. Please help us to be here for families, now and in the future.

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If you already have a MuchLoved account and wish to see all the tributes that you have created plus any others that you have personally been invited to, please click here to login.

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Be a Supporter

Be a Supporter

The support we offer families caring for children and young adults with life - shortening conditions, is only possible with the help we receive from you.

Donating to your Tribute

Supporting us at your special occasion or event is a rewarding and thoughtful way to help. Why not ask guests to make a Tribute donation instead of a gift at your birthday or wedding anniversary, or perhaps in lieu of flowers at a funeral.