Honour your loved one’s memory

Losing someone you love can be overwhelming, but remembering their jokes, quirks, stories and passions can be a lovely way of keeping happy memories alive.

If supporting Helen & Douglas House is something you would like to do in their memory you can create an online Memory Box – a place where you, your friends and family can come together and remember someone wonderful in all their brilliance for years to come.

You can post photos, songs and videos, leave messages and share stories. You can also share the link to their online Memory Box with friends and family so they can donate and leave messages too – maybe on special occasions, or just when they’re thinking about them.

About Helen & Douglas House

When a child is terminally ill, we help make this desperately difficult time just a little easier for local children and their families. In a comforting cocoon of care, we provide 24-hour medical, emotional, and practical support, helping families create happy memories in the last years, weeks, or days they have left together.

It costs more than £3m a year to fund the care we provide, and we rely on the generosity of the public to keep our doors open. Any gift you make in someone’s memory will help us be there for local families who need us.

“An online Memory Box helps me set goals and challenges so I can help raise money for this wonderful place that is filled with so much love.

Everyone can read about Molly and the wonderful things the charity does to help everyone who steps through their red door at the hospice. It is a great way to keep your child’s memory alive and in doing so raise money for this little piece of heaven on earth.” Steve, Molly’s dad